on "loving what you do"

I love what I do. Truly, I get up for it in the morning. 

But here's what I don't love; here's what fires me up and makes me want to work harder. (or throw in the towel on some days.)

You. You know who you are. The person who knew me before I got into specialty coffee. The person who thinks that I'm spending my education on a McDonald's equivalent job. The person who thinks I'm wasting my time/life serving hot beverages and pastries all day. The person who says; 
"oh, I didn't know you work here."

 "oh you're a barista now." 

Yes, I work here.

Yes, I'm a barista. (And I don't just pour coffee out of a Fetco and call it a day.) 
I'm not dumb. I get what you're implying; that I had a budding career and now I'm working a hourly job and my college degree has gone to waste or that I'm just looking for something to pay the bills. Neither could be further from the truth.

Here's what I want to say to you (scream at you); I chose this.

Yes, I made a conscious decision to leave my 9-5 brand management job and work in specialty coffee. (And here's an even bigger shocker) I was looking to make the switch. Yes, it might seem backwards, but I wanted it and I'm fighting for a dream to make something of myself in this industry.

Working in a coffee shop isn't a job for people who "just need a job" or "can't do anything else." 

I'm passionate about the connection a cup of coffee can make between two people. I love hearing about bad days turned good because of a cup of coffee. I'm here because I believe in creating those moments for people, over and over and over again. And while there are a lot of things that have a similar effect, I can't find anything else that does it quite like coffee. 

So say what you want, I'll be over here doing what I love.