Our Home: The Dining Room

It won’t take long for you to realize that we are “small space” dwellers. We love everything about our little one-one; it’s exactly what we need for where we are in life. As our condo comes together we’ll be sharing the progress here on our blog. 

I remember the first time I walked into our place and fell in love with the cozy dining space right off the kitchen.  It’s filled with natural light and (minus the track lighting) has great bones.  From the moment I looked at that back wall, all I could see was a gallery wall there, and that is what I set my heart on. 

CH took a work trip shortly after we moved in and I knew it was the perfect time to do some major nesting. While he was away our friends Shane and Megan came over one night to help me create the gallery wall of my dreams.

While I had already picked out the frames, Shane helped me determine what prints to put where and even came up with the idea to frame a couple of pages from one of my favorite magazines, Kinfolk.

Because the gallery wall was all that I had on my mind, after it was up I was kinda like “Oh crap, I have no kitchen table”. For some reason, I had it in my mind that kitchen tables were inexpensive but boy, was I wrong.

I started researching them only to find out that everything I loved was out of my budget. Being that we really needed a table I started to look at thrift stores and IKEA and of course pinning like crazy to try to find some inspiration for something that looked great within our budget. One afternoon, (a few days into this process) I looked back over my Pinterest board and noticed a trend in my dining room pins; without even realizing it I had pinned photos of dining rooms all with the same table.

images found here

The more I saw the Docksta table from IKEA, the more I liked it and realized how incredibly versatile it is. The price of the table was reasonable too, so we figured even if we use it for only a couple of years, we’ll still get our money out of it.

I hate to admit it, but after the night we bought and set up the table, it sat without chairs for a little too long. But, I’ll blame that on myself because I went back and fourth on what type of chairs matched our budget, apartment, and brand new table. We ended up sitting in chairs at both Crate and Barrel  and West Elm before deciding on the Stackable Chair from West Elm.

We were pleasantly surprised with how easy the chairs were to assemble and how comfortable they are!

While the elements of this space did not come together quickly, we both agree it was worth the wait. We’ve had a blast entertaining in this space in the short time it’s been ours.