people of the table


I don't quite remember when CH fell in love with coffee. (I think that's cause it happened almost overnight.) All I know is that 2 years ago I gave him Intelligentsia mugs and Handsome Coffee Roasters coffee for Christmas and he has never been the same. It's been fun (and tasty) to watch him experiment with different brewing methods as his love for coffee grows.

My favorite brewing method (by far) is the Chemex. I don't love it because I think it "extracts better" than other methods (although with some coffee profiles, it does). I love the Chemex because it brews coffee for more than one. 

On Saturday morning our Chemex held coffee for four. Our friends Shane and Megan came over for an extended lazy morning. They brought Dandee donuts and CH brewed Panther Coffee. We ate one too many donuts and got a tad hyped up on caffeine, but what I loved most was the conversation around the table. It's fascinating to me that the simplest of elements; a table, a cup of coffee, a sour cream donut, can birth the richest of conversations and the happiest of memories. 

I want to be a person who's always creating these moments for myself and for others. I want to be the person that provides those simple ingredients and an open heart to hear and be heard.

all images by Shane Fryer