an evening at the Ace NYC

CH and I spent a few days in The City recently, including a night at the Ace Hotel. It was everything we had hoped for in a place to stay after a long day's walk around town (by "town" I mostly mean, Chelsea, West Village & the High Line). 

ace hotel nyc images

images via my iphone // processed with vsco cam


location, location, location

it's all in the details -  y'all even the room key was beautiful

stumptown & the breslin 

the bathroom was big & white, black, and gold (my favorite colors)

the entire hotel smells of Le Labo, and I didn't mind one bit



I wanted to "stay forevs" (that obviously isn't happening)

the photobooth was broken

the lobby was always busy (but honestly I can't blame those people - I mean if I wasn't staying there, I'd want to sit for a bit too)