dressing for: fall in florida

I love everything about fall attire. I love the layers, the colors, the scarves- everything. Sadly, here in Florida (and other warm parts of the country), Fall is more like "Summer Part 2" and dressing for Fall is more about staying cool than staying warm. However, after surviving a few of these "Falls" I've come to learn there are a couple of ways to create a Fall wardrobe without having heat stroke during the day or giving people the impression you have no idea where you live. 

Here's a bit of my Fall 2014 wardrobe inspiration...


images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

tip 1: Look for lightweight tops in darker colors. Darker colors will give you a fall look without too much layering.

tip 2: Wear dresses and add warmer accessories that you can take on and off. (sweaters, jackets, or scarves)

tip 3: Don't get bogged down looking at outfits on Pinterest. You heard it first here friends, don't spend your hours looking for inspiration on Pinterest only to become discontent with what you own. Look at Pinterest for 20 minutes or less, then go into your closet and think outside the box. Try pulling clothes out you haven't worn in a while and combine them with newer pieces for a new look.