4 weeknight recipes that I can't stop making

I had an art teacher in college who told us "If you love it, you'll do it, everyday." Of course he would say this as he scolded my classmates and I for not sketching, everyday.

Well, I've finally taken his words to heart, or should I say "to the kitchen". Lately, I've been trying to cook every night. I find that cooking at home means we eat healthier and the more I practice, the more I learn. Another bonus is the opportunity to be creative after a long day at work.

Even though I'm trying new recipes constantly, I thought it would be fun to share a couple of the ones I'm hooked on these days. 

Barbara Kafka's Roast Chicken: I make this once, sometimes even twice a week. If I'm not cooking the whole bird I use smaller portions of the same ingredients to cook chicken breasts. Photo by James Ransom

Okra and Corn Cakes: This was my go-to all summer. I replace the flour with cornmeal for a gluten-free, wheat-free option. I also switched up the cheeses and made these with Parmesan Reggiano and another time with Mozzarella.  Photo found here

Cauliflower Puree: When I follow this recipe, I add a scoop of sour cream,  just cause it's extra yummy. But here's a secret, you can make this with almost anything. I've followed the same recipe with Rutabaga and with Butternut Squash - the possibilities almost endless.  Photo found here

Zucchini Linguine: Without fail, I end up making this every week. This recipe calls for serving it with pesto, but I serve it with almost anything; marinara sauce, meatballs, or almond crusted chicken - to name a few. I love the fact that it tastes delicious and I don't have any guilt eating it like I would with a bowl of pasta.  Photo found here 

I'd love to hear what you've been cooking; leave a comment with one of your favorite recipes below!


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