created to gather

I've been thinking a lot recently about doing pop-up dinner parties or hosting a cooking club (It could be the same thing, I just haven't decided yet.)

I love putting a plate of food between two people and watching their eyes light up and conversation spark. One of my favorite chefs, Kristen Kish describes it like this; "I'll go stand in the dining room, and I'm not looking to see if they like my food, I'm not looking to see anything other than the fact that they are sitting, enjoying this experience with the people around them."

Those are the type of moments I want to create as much as I can. So right now, I'm thinking a pop-up or cooking club would be the best way to do that. (I'm very open to suggestions, send them my way if you have any!)

All this being said, here's a bit of my inspiration for my first dinner.


dinner party insp1.jpg

napkins / table / herbs / party

For real though, I'd love your thoughts on whether I should do this or not, feel free to comment below!