weekend squares [one]

Let's be real, I've done a terrible job documenting my personal life on the blog. I guess it's partly intentional since I'd rather share recipes and inspiration, however I do love looking back on old posts and "remembering the time". So I'm starting a new series to document my weekends!

This past weekend one of my oldest friends, Austin, came to visit. We've been friends since sixth grade. (Actually, I think it was even before that.) Anyways, we grew up together on the Carolina coast. Even though we don't live close to each other now, we're still the best of friends and love to rendezvous whenever we can.

the standard spa miami

Our weekend was practically perfect in every way. We lounged a The Standard, wandered our way through Wynwood, and ate almost every delicious thing South Florida has to offer. 

But more than anything I'm thankful for the gift of friendship and that we'd be blessed with a weekend to adventure together. I'm thankful for Austin's heart for Jesus, love of adventure, and willingness to pick up and head south for the weekend. 

the standard miami