Why Dose?

Dose Magazine

I stumbled upon the idea for Dose mid-conversation with my friend Gary.

Gary, like myself, is a barista and while we work together, we often discuss all things coffee - everything from extraction to coffee culture issues. This particular conversation began one morning as I dialed in, we started by talking about our career goals as coffee professionals. As we unpacked what it would take to get there, we focused in on growth and how to put yourself in a position to grow. The conversation was intriguing and I was happy to talk with a friend who shared my passion for “never settling for good enough”.

As I finished up the dial and poured our daily cortados, we brainstormed ways we could keep growing; the classic internet-searching Chris-Baca-youtube-watching, routinely cupping, attending events like Barista Camp or US Coffee Championships. This list grew and the conversation continued over our next several shifts together. It’s probably important to note that as we kept brainstorming, a “rabbit trail” conversation continued to pop up and that was: the need for growth in our own coffee community. (It’s a well known fact that the South Florida specialty coffee market is about 7-10 years behind the rest of the country.)

And then I threw out an idea that I couldn’t shake, what if we told the stories of the coffee people in our community? In telling these stories; what if we created a space where we could learn from each other’s experiences? What if we created a propeller that made our community stronger - pushing our industry forward? What if we created a tool that motivated us to keep going as we learn from each others successes and failures? 

Gary, like the good friend that he is, said “It’s great, but you need a name.” A few days later I came back to him with the name Dose and I think that’s where I’m supposed to tell you that “the rest is history” but we’re not quite there yet. 

As the concept took shape I shared the idea with my friends Dan and Dave, simply hoping they would maybe contribute from time to time or even do an interview, but little did I know they would both catch the vision and jump on board, maybe faster than I did. Both guys are great friends and talented coffee people. Dan is basically a Renaissance Man, an experienced shop manager now looking to open his own store, he is also an incredible photographer with an eye for art and design that I could only dream of having. Dave is as dynamic in person as he is on instagram; a brand strategist by day and a home brewer by night, his passion for coffee and the culture that surrounds it is always inspiring me.

As we tell stories here at Dose, my hope is that our community will grow together, that we'll learn from each other and move forward to create a better industry for those that are already here and those that will come. I'm in awe of the incredible people that make up this community and humbled by the opportunity to share their stories.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a couple moments to read Dose, we're glad you're here.