a few of our favorites: Cat & Cloud

When Dan, Dave and I get together we're always talking about the latest coffee news we've read, or podcast we've listened to. Collectively we thought it would be fun to each share some of our current favorite coffee resources.

Today we're talking about the one and only Cat & Cloud

image via  Fresh Cup Magazine

Started by Chris Baca and Jared Truby, Cat & Cloud not only serves up delicious coffee in Santa Cruz, CA but they also provide some of the best resources to coffee professionals, in a number of different ways.

Here are a couple of our favorites...

image via Fresh Cup Magazine

image via Fresh Cup Magazine

The Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast 

In the podcast Chris and Jared unpack all you need to know about running a hospitality focused coffee business. 

Extract Everything Series via  Chris Baca's YouTube Channel

In Extract Everything, Chris tackles basic knowledge needed to be a successful barista. With videos on extraction, tamping, and grinding ( just to name a few), his videos are the perfect tutorial for a coffee fan, or refresher for the coffee professional.

What are your favorite coffee resources?
Comment below and let us know!